EMKC3 co-founders started their careers in the industrial and logistics sector. Having developed over 400 hectares of industrial sites across Australia, EMKC3 is a leader in large-format, innovative and sustainable logistics development and asset management. EMKC3’s development expertise in the logistics and industrial sector extends to data centres, ASRS, temperature controlled and specialised manufacturing. Led by an unparalleled expert development and design team that have worked on advanced development projects globally.

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Lytton Speculative Development

Bunting Road

Since 2006, EMKC3’s founding partners have been designing leading workplaces for the evolving world of business across the Asia Pacific region. From 1,500sqm+ SE Asia headquarters to boutique high end office fit outs, and repositioning of commercial development assets, EMKC3 takes great pride in delivering exceptional commercial environments. EMKC3’s core values include designing for the sustainable betterment of society. Combined with the expertise of EMKC3’s architecture and development teams, healthcare is a natural extension of EMKC3’s diverse commercial portfolio.

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Key Health, Pagewood

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Key Health, Lane Cove

Longueville Road Development

EMKC3 co-founder and principal architect Karen Choi, started her career in the resorts sector based in Asia. EMKC3 undertake a select collection of developments within the luxury residential sector across Asia Pacific. Focused on value-add repositioning of existing assets and development of luxury residential within mixed use developments, EMKC3’s activities in this sector have continued to expand since 2015.

The hospitality sector (including hotels and resorts) has become a natural extension of EMKC3’s luxury design work. Since its inception, EMKC3 has designed various hospitality spaces and in 2022, EMKC3 commenced its first resort development in Asia. With a focus on unique experiences, EMKC3 develops assets for the je ne sais quoi brand, along with complementary strategic partners.

Millers Point Apartment

Lane Cove West Townhouses

Lane Cove Apartments